Reasons to Maintain Your Heating & Cooling System

Equipment Manufacturers Recommend Having Your Heating & Cooling System Serviced & Cleaned Twice a Year.

A Well Maintained Heating & Cooling System Reduces Gas & Electric Bills. Utility Savings Can Actually Pay For The Yearly Service Agreement.

Having Your Gas Furnace Inspected For Carbon Monoxide Leaks Are Very Important. Carbon Monoxide Is a Deadly Gas That Can Not Be Smelled Or Tasted. Our Service Agreement Program Includes a Complete Furnace Safety And Carbon Monoxide Inspection.

A Clean Heating & Cooling System Improves Your Indoor Air Quality. Dirty Indoor Air Can Contribute To Sickness, Breathing And Health Problems.

Avoid Unexpected Costly Repairs By Having Your System Cleaned, Serviced & Maintained.

Peak Performance Service Agreement

This Agreement Provides You With A Precision Tune-Up And Professional Cleaning Twice a Year!

Tune-Up Includes

  • Indoor Cooling Coil Cleaning (Reg. $71-$156)
  • Outdoor Cooling Coil Cleaning (Reg. $68-$125)
  • Evaporator Drain Cleaning (Reg. $47-$54)
  • Clean or Replace Filters (Customer Supplied)
  • Check Refrigerant Level (Freon)
  • Check Thermostat Calibration
  • Check and Adjust Fan Belts
  • Lubricate Fan Motors
  • Check Start And Run Capacitors
  • Check Start And Run Relays
  • Set Burner Adjustment
  • Measure Voltage Differences
  • Clean And Adjust Burners (Reg. $68-$153)
  • Clean Flame Sensor (Reg. $43-$50)
  • Set Manifold Gas Pressure (Reg. $33)
  • Measure Gas Input
  • Test & Clean Thermocouple
  • Measure Temperature Differences
  • Evaluate Safety Controls
  • Evaluate Duct Work
  • Check Fan Blades for Tightness
  • Tighten Electrical Connectors
  • Inspect Refrigerant Service Valves
  • Monitor Refrigerant Expansion Valves
  • Adjust By Pass Damper
  • Measure Amp Draw Of Motors
  • A One Year Service Agreement is Only 2.5% of the Average Cost to Replace a Complete Heating & Cooling System


  • 1/2 Price Service Calls (Reg. $69-$119)
  • 15% Discount O Repair Service
  • No Overtime Charges On Repairs
    This eliminates any additional fees for

    after hours service.
  • $100 Rebate on new equipment for
    each consecutive year of membership.
  • Add 1 to 8 Years To Equipment Life
    A heating and cooling system is cheaper to keep maintained than to replace.
  • Agreement is Transferable
    Can be transferred to a new address if you decide to move.

We Remind You!

For your convenience, a customer service representative will
call to schedule your appointment for the spring & fall visits.

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